5 Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with Hand Strap in 2022

Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases with Hand Strap : Technology has become man’s best friend. They are useful for communication, entertainment, and connectivity. On that note, iPhone 13 Pro Max is no doubt one of the absolute best and most popular smartphones that you will find currently on the market.

Besides the sleek design and the amazing functionalities, the product also stands out in terms of the overall camera specifications and additional features. iPhones are a rave right now and they cost a lot of money.

So, the last thing that you want to do is spend over $1000 on a smartphone, only for it to slip out of your grip and break into pieces. That is hands down the worst thing that could happen to such an expensive phone that you have with you.

Hence, protecting it with a good quality case with a hand strap offers optimal protection and ergonomic hold to the device in the long run. However, with so many different types of iPhone 13 Pro Max cases with hand straps available in the market, picking one can be a little rough.

Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases with Hand Strap 2022

This article will walk you through our top 5 picks for the best iPhone 13 Pro Max cases with a designated hand strap that you can consider buying in 2022.

#1. LAUDTEC Silicone iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

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Best iPhone 13 Pro Max kickstand Case with Hand Strap

When it comes to good quality phone cases, the LAUDTEC Silicone iPhone 13 Pro Max Case is no doubt one of the best options. Besides the credibility of the brand, you also get a comfortable silicone material product that will last you through the test of time.

Not only is the case highly compatible, but it also stands out to the test of time. It will shield and protect your iPhone through years of rough usage without leaving scratches or damage. The design of this case also features a snug design, which fits right over the volume button, ports, etc.

Along with the quality design, the phone case also features a flexible and magnetic phone hand strap that allows you to hold the phone comfortably and ergonomically. No longer will you have to worry about having the phone slip out of your hands. The strap can also stand the phone in a vertical and horizontal slant, which is a bonus.

The phone case also features a durable silicone exterior with microfiber cushioning on the inside. This extra layer of the cushion provides added structure and durability to the phone. With the extended design, the phone’s camera gets amazing protection even when you drop it by mistake.

As for the colors, the phone case is available in a few different color options that contribute to the options that you can choose from. Also, in case you have a lot of dirt clinging to the case, a simple swipe can clean the case without any hassle at all.

What we liked?

  • Durable and scratch-resistant silicone material
  • Has a microfiber cushion for better protection
  • Available in multiple color options

What we didn’t like?

  • Attracts lint very easily

#2. CUSTYPE iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

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It is not every day that you come across a military-grade phone case for your iPhone 13 Pro Max under $20. However, with the CUSTYPE iPhone 13 Pro Max Case, you can make that a reality for under $16.

The phone case is available in three different color variants and features a phone grip in different color options, making it one of the absolute best reasons that you can come across.

For the users concerned about military-grade protection, it comes with dual-layer protection in the phone case. You have the polycarbonate, high grade, and durable outer case and then you have the inner TPU material in the inner part of the case, which adds to the overall durability.

There isn’t any built-in screen protector that comes with the case, so make sure you are wary of the same. Coming to the grip in the phone case, it features a high-quality and flexible kickstand design grip that allows you to hold the phone comfortably while you are indulging in high-range activities.

Also, in case you don’t vibe well with the phone case and it somehow doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can always get it replaced or return it for a full refund within 180 days of the purchase.

What we liked?

  • Dual-layer protective design
  • High-quality and ergonomic grip
  • Has a 180-day return policy

What we didn’t like?

  • Doesn’t come with a built-in screen protector

#3. Wuwedo Glitter Case

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Best iPhone 13 pro max Glitter case with hand Strap

A blingy addition to the list of best iPhone 13 Pro Max case Hand Strap is the Wuwedo Glitter Case. This one is a bestseller on Amazon and is priced under $13, adding to the credibility of the product. The case is specifically designed for iPhone 13 Pro Max, so make sure you make an informed purchase.

Coming to the design and credibility of the case, it comes with a high-quality and shock-absorbing air cushion design in the case that adds to the overall durability and resilience. Even if you drop your phone by mistake, the case is there as a protective casing.

Also, it features a raised bezel design around the camera, which prevents cracks and damage to the camera in case you drop your phone by mistake. The wrist strap with the grip is another additional design benefit to the product that you can look into.

The wrist stand is also quite flexible and can be used as a kickstand for when you are watching your favorite shows or streaming something online. Overall, the bling and sparkly design is a choice you just can’t pass up, especially for the kind of price point you get it for.

If you are worried about the material of the glitter case, it features a high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane material, which is no doubt comfortable to hold and doesn’t increase the weight of the phone by a lot.

What we liked?

  • Quality and durable design
  • Features a flexible wrist stand design
  • Made with high-quality thermoplastic

What we didn’t like?

  • Only available in clear color

#4. LNtech Luxury Sparkle Bling Protector Cover

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Best Sparkle protective cover with hand strap for iPhone 13 pro max

Another bestseller on Amazon that is a popular choice among most iPhone users is the LNtech Luxury Sparkle Bling Protector Cover. This one is not for the faint of heart, especially if you are someone who doesn’t like diamonds, sparkles, and bling since the entire cover is made of that.

Not just for iPhone 13 Pro Max, the case is available for more or less all the iPhone models that are functional in the market, catering to the versatility of the product. Besides the flexible case material, the exterior of the model is entirely covered in rhinestones.

The grip or the adjustable strap on the cover even has rhinestones studded all over it. The adjustable grip makes it easier for the users to hold the phone comfortably without any complications at all.

The detachable ring on top is for the users who want to hook in a lanyard or keys. If you don’t have those, you can take out the ring without any hassle. Moreover, the case features an anti-scratch and anti-slip design which shields and protects your phone in the long run.

If you have someone who likes a lot of blinds and rhinestones, you can consider getting them in this case as a gift option.

What we liked?

  • Anti-slip and anti-scratch design
  • Available for most iPhone models
  • Adjustable grip design

What we didn’t like?

  • Some rhinestones come off after a few days

#5. OOK Designed for iPhone 13 Pro Case

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Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Case for Girl

Last on the list is the OOK Designed for iPhone 13 Pro Case. This one is different from all the other options that you will come across in the list. Unlike the other ones that feature clear, bling, or solid colors, this one stands out with its bright and vibrant floral prints.

The unique design comes in over 7 prints that you can consider choosing from. Also, since the actual case is clear, it features an anti-yellowing technology that will keep the case clear even after rigorous usage over the months.

The case is made with thermoplastic polyurethane and has reinforced air cushions on all four sides of the case, further adding to the overall credibility of the product. It does what it claims. Also, the slim and sleek bumper case design is another benefit.

Users also get a tempered glass screen protector with the case, which further adds to the benefit of the purchase. The adjustable grip is clear in appearance and has a firm hold on the phone, adding to the quality of the product.

What we liked?

  • Durable and scratchproof design
  • Anti-yellow technology
  • Adjustable hand grip

What we didn’t like?

  • The strap comes off if handled frequently


There is an abundance of iPhone 13 Pro Max cases in the market but these are some of the unique ones that come with adjustable phone strap grips. Choosing the right phone case for your iPhone is crucial in the long run, especially to maintain the quality of the smartphone. We hope you find some of the best picks on the list we mentioned.

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